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Gynecomastia is a term for the enlargement of breast tissue in males. Gynecomastia can occur due to a variety of factors. Although it can be a normal variant of development, gynecomastia may arise as an abnormal condition associated diseases such as Kinefelter Syndrome, metabolic disorders, tumors, side-effects of medication, side-effects of drug use (i.e., marijuana), or a result of natural decrease in testosterone production in older males. And, in approximately one fourth of cases of gynecomastia, the cause is unknown.

What are Treatment Options for Gynecomastia?

People with gynecomastia may need to have other screening tests before being considered for surgery. The surgical correction of gynecomastia may be stratified based on the degree of severity, and the patient may also need to wait a time to allow the enlargement to stabilize before the procedure. There are generally two types of male breast reduction for gynecomastia; each type has variations. For smaller reductions, liposuction and small incisions on the bottom part of the areola may be performed. During this procedure, the breast glandular tissue is removed through this incision and liposuction may be done to further contour the chest. For larger reductions, larger incisions such as the anchor incision (inverted T incision) may be necessary to remove a greater amount of breast tissue. With the larger reduction, a nipple graft may also need to performed.

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