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This procedure involves moving or removing portions of bone and/or cartilage that separates the two sides of the nose.

Purpose of Procedure

The reason for this procedure is to improve breathing through your nose


This procedure involves making an incision just inside the nose on the middle partition of the nose, or septum. Before the incision is made, packing moistened with an anesthetic solution is placed in the nose. Local anesthetic is also injected into the septum, the tissue surrounding the septum, and occasionally through the roof of the mouth to help control bleeding and immediate post-operative discomfort. The soft tissue overlying the septum is then separated from the cartilage and bone. This exposes the damaged portion of the septum. Any pieces that are out of place or causing obstruction are either restored to their normal position or removed. A temporary drainage site is created in the soft tissue on one side of the nose to prevent blood accumulation in the operative site. The incision is closed with suture material and some form of packing may be required.

Post Procedure

Following the procedure, ice packs may be used to reduce the swelling and chances of bleeding. Discomfort will be managed with pain medication. If packing is used, it is usually removed within 2 to 3 days after the operation. If splints are used they are typically removed 5 to 7 days after surgery. Strenuous activity, lifting, and blowing your nose are not allowed for 2 weeks. Temporary use of over-the-counter nose sprays may be recommended. Antibiotics may be prescribed. Post-operative pain medications may include a narcotic type medication that may cause drowsiness. Operation of motor vehicles or machinery is not allowed while using this medication. Returning to work or school can occur as soon as pain medication is no longer needed during the day.

Expectations of Outcome

This procedure should allow air to pass more freely through both sides of the nose. It is not expected to replace the need for allergy medications if they were previously required.

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