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A forehead lift is a popular aesthetic procedure for patients who want to reduce the signs of aging of the forehead such as lines and skin laxity. An incision is made in the hair-bearing skin of the scalp and dissection is carried down to the level of the bone. Then dissection is carried down to the level of the eyebrows to release the excess skin. The excess skin is then removed. Often used in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures, the brow lift or forehead lift can add to the overall effect of the facial rejuvenation. When performed alone, the forehead lift is an outpatient procedure wherein the patient goes home the same day after surgery. Surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours.

There are two primary types of lifts, although variants are also available. In the conventional lift, the surgeon utilizes a long incision within the hair bearing skin. In the endoscopic lift, small incisions are made in the hair bearing skin, and tunneling is done with the help of a camera and special instrumentation. In both methods, the lift accomplishes the goal of rejuvenating the forehead and eyebrows. Regardless of the type lift, the incision is generally closed with absorbable sutures and then permanent sutures or skin staples. Compressive dressings are placed at the time of surgery which can be removed 2 days after surgery. Skin staples, if utilized, are removed approximately 10-14 days postoperatively.

Brow lift and forehead lift may be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as facelift or eyelid tuck and lift.

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