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Dupuytrens Contracture (Palmer Fibromatosis) is a genetic condition which results from Dupuytrens Disease and can cause significant discomfort, pain, and dysfunction. Fibromatosis is a process by which the fascial collagen becomes reoriented into a deranged position and thus starts the process of formation of knot or nodule. Dupuytrens disease is a progressive disease, meaning that it develops through multiple stages, finally resulting in Dupuytrens Contracture which is a debilitating condition whereby the fingers are drawn into a permanently contracted or flexed position.

Stages of Dupuytrens Contracture

  • Palmar Nodules and Pits: One of the first signs of Dupuytrens Disease is the formation of nodules in the palm of the hand or pits within the skin. Pits often form adjacent to the nodules. In this stage, treatment options are limited and may consist of observation, injections, or surgical excision.
  • Palmar or Finger Bands: As the thickening of the fascia contines, a band begins to form in the palm which becomes palpable over time and eventually begins to draw the involved finger into a flexed position. The table top test is a simple way to evaluate the level of dysfunction which the condition is causing. In this test, you attempt to lay your hand flat on the table with the palm side down. If you are unable to lay the hand flat on the table, you should consider an evaluation by a qualified Hand Surgeon to see if you are a candidate for injection such as collagenase (Xiaflex®) or surgical removal of the band.
  • Palmar or Finger Contraction: Once the disease has reached this stage, finger and/or hand disability is eminent. A qualified hand surgeon may offer treatment options such as collagenase injections or excision.

Dr. Williams completed an additional fellowship in Hand & Microsurgery; as such, he is a Hand Surgeon. Thus he is well qualified to help elucidate the cause of the symptoms which you are experiencing. Through his thorough history and examination, he can recommend extra testing that may need to be done as well as help you navigate the various treatment options which are available.

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