Honduras 2008

Dr. Williams traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in September 2008 with a team of surgeons from the World Surgical Foundation. Having completed his General Surgery Residency, Dr. Williams performed many lifesaving surgeries on patients including hernia repairs, trauma surgeries, and the like. He also assisted Dr. David Leber perform many Plastic Surgeries on kids including cleft lip and palate repairs. During the trip, the team performed 88 surgeries.

“Performing a cleft lip or palate repair on a child in a developing country is absolutely life changing,” says Dr. Williams. “I love this work because it changes a child’s potential and levels the playing field as much as possible. It at least gives them a chance. In countries where opportunities are scarce, most kids with cleft lips and/or palates are left to fend for themselves without any hope of gainful employment. We are truly blessed in the United States to have opportunities.”