Meet Samantha Feil BSN, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Samantha joined our practice in 2023 as an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of New Mexico in 2021. For the first two years of her career, she moved away from the Four Corners area to specialize in neurosurgical nursing, honing her skills with adult patients before transitioning to a neurosurgery & epilepsy monitoring unit at one of Texas’ leading pediatric hospitals in Fort Worth.

Samantha is especially passionate about long-term skin health and the importance of thorough, accurate, and ongoing patient education about aesthetic practices. She encourages the start & maintenance of skin health & preventative treatments in early adulthood so patients can reap the benefits of their consistency as they age. Samantha loves to focus on the science behind aesthetic modalities to deliver the latest & most up-to-date treatments for patients of all ages & backgrounds.

Samantha will spend the next two years specializing in aesthetic nursing before sitting for her boards to become a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. As an avid learner, Samantha enjoys the exciting developments of advanced research & techniques in medicine. Understanding these developments helps her achieve her ultimate goal of delivering optimal outcomes, maintaining patients’ overall health & well-being, and helping patients feel safe and beautiful inside & out.

When Samantha isn’t in the office, she enjoys traveling, practicing art, and spending time with her husband, Dominic, and their beloved dog.

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