Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) for Men

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As a result of normal aging, the fullness of the face decreases as a result of fat shrinkage and drooping of the soft tissues of the face. This can cause a deflated, sagging, or gaunt look. A youthful face, on the other hand, has a fuller and rounder look.

There are many ways to rejuvenate the appearance of the aging face. A comprehensive physician-led skincare program is the first step to restoring a more youthful appearance. Click here for more information on Skincare. Skincare helps to restore good blood flow to the face and optimize the skin in preparation for a face lift.

Once a skincare program has been implemented, consideration of a face lift may be given to further restore the youthfulness of the face. There are many variants of face lifts and the surgeon will help direct you to the one for which you are a candidate.

Depending on the complexity of the face lift, the procedure may be done in the office or under general anesthesia in the hospital. In addition, the complexity determines whether you are able to go home the same day (outpatient procedure) or need to stay in the hospital overnight.

A face lift may be performed in conjunction with neck lift, neck liposuction, brow and forehead lift, and eyelid tuck and lift.

Risks and Recovery

All surgical procedures come with inherent risks. Specific to face lift and neck lift, patients who take blood thinners must be strictly screened and optimized to avoid complications. In addition, patients must refrain from over-the-counter medications that contribute to blood thinning. Strict blood pressure control is also very important to reduce the risks of surgery. People that use nicotine in any form will need to quit 4 weeks before surgery and abstain for 4 weeks after surgery to minimize the chance of complications. Your surgeon may consider a urine test to check adherence to nicotine abstinence

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